LS 650 A

LS 650 A - Automatic Paper Feeding & Pasting Machine


Applied to boxes, portfolio, clothing boxes, gift boxes and hard book covers etc. Various Glue can be used like Hot Glue, Aqueous Glue, and latex Glue. The Automatic Feeder has got a very higher accuracy. The circulating glue system with indirect heating and temperature controlling system ensure the beck glue tank not being stuck in low temperature environment. This series of machine can be combined into various assembly lines according to requirements.

Machine Details
  • Model: LS- 650 A

  • Power Supply: 7.5 kW

  • Case Size (min: 80 (W) - 600 mm

  • Production Speed: 7-40 pcs/min

  • Over all Dimensions: 6350 x 1650 x 1100 mm (LxWxH)

  • Machine Weight: 1096 Kg

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