YSM 1100 - 800


is a Multi-functional Fully Automatic Intelligent Lamination Machine 1100*910mm equipped with

  • Brush powder remover
  • Static powder remover
  • Disc knife +flying knife
  • Electromagnetic heating
  • Shaft-less feeder head with automatic alignment function
  • 1200mm height paper stack
And, this is perfectly suitable for
  • Water-based glue
  • Solvent glue
  • Pre-coated film
  • Non-glue film

Machine Features

  • Pre-Pile Cart

  • Auto Feeder.

  • Pre-Loading and Non-Stop feeder Device.

  • Coating Laminating Unit with Electro Magnetic System.

  • Air Pneumatic Shaft

  • Web Tension Controller

  • Heated calendaring device for Powder Removal

  • Flying Knife cutting system (Servo Motor Controlled) for PET film.

  • Auto Delivery.

  • Intelligent Operation (adopting principle of printing press, one button starts, automatic positioning)

  • Sheet Separator, Side Lay, Side Guide for auto positioning

  • Decker Pump

  • Shaft less Feeder Accurate Position System

  • Miss Sheet Control

  • Emergency Stop

  • Overrun safety device for feeder Pile

  • Track and Cart (Pre-loading Device)

  • PLC Program Circuit Control, Control Panel, and security system

  • Job Storage

  • Chromed Laminating Cylinder with Electro Magnetic System, Heating Rods with Temperature Controller

  • Main lamination Unit consist of Big Diameter Drying Cylinder (800 mm), Lamination Cylinder (400 mm), and

  • Rubber Roller (or) Impression Cylinder (300 mm).

  • New system of Hot Air Circulation drying system to enhance the performance of lamination speed.

  • Precision Ceramic Roller along with doctor blade to ensure even flowing and coating of adhesive.

  • Independent drive for coater with micro speed adjustment

  • Continuous circulation of adhesive with diaphragm to maintain constant viscosity.

  • Vertical drying box design for stable travelling of OPP film without any displacement.

  • High Precision Thermostat control to ensure precise drying temperature

  • Robust drying cylinder allowing for efficient drying of adhesive at higher speed.

  • Servo Controlled Flying Knife System

  • Speed controlled with paper sizes and roller pressure.

  • Proportional simultaneous adjustment with main unit.

  • Friction type brake is equipped with the unwinding axis to maintain constant tension.

  • Changed hanged paper pile.

  • Automatic sizing as per feeder setting

  • Sheet slow down available

  • Pneumatic Sheet jogging device knocking up both sides and photo cell controlled.

  • Conveyor table with Suction Belt

Machine Details

Model: YSM-1100 800 Series

  • Max. Laminating Width: 1100 mm
  • Max. Machine Speed: 80m/min (depends on qualities & conditions of sheet, film and glue)
  • Max. Sheet Size: 1100 mm x 910 mm
  • Min Sheet Size: 300 mm x 300 mm
  • Sheet Thickness: 115 – 450 gsm Glue on BOPP Film 150 – 450 gsm Glue on PET Film
  • Film Thickness: 10 – 25 µ
  • Laminating Speed: 15 – 80 m / min (Depending on Quality of the Sheet, Film and Glue)
  • Production Power: Approx. 30 – 40 KW
  • Total Power: 65 KW, 380 V / 50 HZ.
  • Total Weight: 13000 kg
  • Over all Dimensions: L) 13 x (W) 2.3 x (H) 3.1 m.
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